17th ICA congress held successfully in Australia


Since Australia is one of the leading countries in archival management, practice, policy and theory, it is remarkable that up to now none of the big ICA congresses have been held in this beautiful country. That is the 17th ICA congress, held in Brisbane, Australia for 20–24 August 2012  and the theme of the congress is “Climate for Change.

Byambadrai Jambaldorj , Foreign relations officer in  Administrative Management Division of General Archival Authority (GAAM) participated in17th ICA congress succesfully on behalf the GAAM.

The International Council on Archives (ICA) was set up 1948 and exists to promote intenational cooperation in archiving.  There are 190 member countries by 2009. Its mission is to promote the conservation, development and use of the world`s archives.

General Archival Authority of Mongolia joined with ICA in 1991 as “A” category member and since that time participates regularly in activities that are organized by these organisation.

More than 1000 archivists from 95 different countries attended the opening ceremony of the 2012 International Congress of ICA.

After an introductory display of traditional music and dance, a number of distinguished speakers addressed the audience from the stage of the amphitheatre of the Congress Centre, including the Hon. Simon Crean, Minister for the Arts in the federal government, Ros Bates, Queensland Minister for Information Technology, David Fricker, Director General of the National Archives of Australia and Auntie Carol Currie, elder and representative of the aboriginal people living in the Brisbane region. Martin Berendse, President of ICA, made his opening speech in both French and English, the organization’s two official languages, a speech which was determinedly focussed towards ICA’s future, emphasizing current developments and reminding all members of the importance of attending the AGM which is taking place on Friday 25 August, where delegates will be voting on the new constitution (see Martin Besrendse's speech below).