The 69th Congress of the FIAF (21st-27th April 2013)

The 69th Congress of the International Federation of the Film Archives (FIAF) will take place in Barcelona from 21st to 27th April 2013. The goal of the Congress is twofold: firstly, to serve as a meeting point to debate the role of film archives at a decisive mo­ment both in respect of recent ad­vances in technology and the chal­lenges faced by the arts an culture in the context of the current world­wide economic crisis, and secondly, to show off our new facilities. Part of the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC) and the Cultural Department of the Government of Catalonia, Filmote­ca de Catalunya will hold the Con­gress at its new premises which were opened in February this year in the Raval, an area of Barcelona particu­larly rich in cultural installations.

The Congress will be an opportu­nity to share experiences and ideas, with special attention being paid to the subject of the symposium: “Multiversions”, or how differing versions exist around a single title, due to reasons such as: censorship, dubbing, coproductions, director’s cut, etc.

During the two days of the Symposium on 22-23 April 2013, six panels will discuss the following themes:

- Multiversions in the History of Cinema

- Typologies of Multiversions

- The role of Archives: Preservation, Cataloguing, Restoration and

Circulation of Multiversions

- Is it possible to speak about a single original version?






17th ICA congress held successfully in Australia


Since Australia is one of the leading countries in archival management, practice, policy and theory, it is remarkable that up to now none of the big ICA congresses have been held in this beautiful country. That is the 17th ICA congress, held in Brisbane, Australia for 20–24 August 2012  and the theme of the congress is “Climate for Change.

Byambadrai Jambaldorj , Foreign relations officer in  Administrative Management Division of General Archival Authority (GAAM) participated in17th ICA congress succesfully on behalf the GAAM.

The International Council on Archives (ICA) was set up 1948 and exists to promote intenational cooperation in archiving.  There are 190 member countries by 2009. Its mission is to promote the conservation, development and use of the world`s archives.

General Archival Authority of Mongolia joined with ICA in 1991 as “A” category member and since that time participates regularly in activities that are organized by these organisation.

More than 1000 archivists from 95 different countries attended the opening ceremony of the 2012 International Congress of ICA.

After an introductory display of traditional music and dance, a number of distinguished speakers addressed the audience from the stage of the amphitheatre of the Congress Centre, including the Hon. Simon Crean, Minister for the Arts in the federal government, Ros Bates, Queensland Minister for Information Technology, David Fricker, Director General of the National Archives of Australia and Auntie Carol Currie, elder and representative of the aboriginal people living in the Brisbane region. Martin Berendse, President of ICA, made his opening speech in both French and English, the organization’s two official languages, a speech which was determinedly focussed towards ICA’s future, emphasizing current developments and reminding all members of the importance of attending the AGM which is taking place on Friday 25 August, where delegates will be voting on the new constitution (see Martin Besrendse's speech below).


East Asian Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives (EASTICA) Annual Seminar was held successfully in Ulaanbaatar


The idea to establish EASTICA was first initiated during the 12th International Congress on Archives in Montreal in 1992 and was formally founded as the 10th Regional Branch of ICA on 7 July 1993 at the Inaugural Conference in Beijing, hence a complete network of ICA Regional Branches was established throughout the world.

Eastica has a tradition to organize a conference and a seminar in every year. This year, the annual seminar with the theme “Archival Administration-ICA Standards” was held successfully in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from 17-20, July, 2012. In this seminar participated from Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macao and Mongolian delegations. Also participated the experts of the International Council on Archives, doctor Peter Horsman and Hans Waalwijk and during the seminar they presented the reports with the theme “ICA Standards and Guidelines”, “Application of Description Standards”, “Making choices”.

During this Seminar participants discussed about how they can be benefited by these professional efforts of ICA and exchanged their experiences on it.

The General Archival Authority of Mongolia joined in EASTICA as an A category member in 1993 and also joined the Central Archives for Civil Documentation, Central Archives for Defense, Ulaanbaatar Municipal Archives, Archive of “Erdenet Mining” Corporation, Archives of Darkhan-Uul, Orkhon, Uvs Provinces as a C category member.

In the Executive Board Meeting application for Eastica membership from Selenge Provincial Archives was considered and accepted as a C category member.

Next year EASTICA 11st General Conference will be held in Qindu Province, China.

Country report Japan

Country repor China

Country report Korea

Country report Macao

The State Historical Museum has opened

The State Historical Museum has opened on 11 January 2012 and Parliament Members, Ministers and Directors of the Government Agencies attended to its opening ceremony. The museum has organized in an extension of the Government House and has 1900 m2 exhibition hall, and record fund, and 700 m2 office rooms.
Currently the exhibition displayed  about 970 records which are related to the Mongolian State History.