Historical Record`s Fund

Brief about Historical Record’s Center

Nowadays The Center holds nearly 490000 files of 1040 groups which show 3 period of Mongolian History and contain over 320 years history of our development.
All holdings are chronologically divided as follows: 

One. Manchu Qing Dynasty Fund  /1964- 1911/

At the fund preserve 134 247 files of 224 records group during 1674- 1911years.  
The fund consists from records about Manchu representative Agencies which were located in Mongolia, and records of activities Khalkha’s 4 aimags, their khoshuu’, ikh shavi, monasteries and temples.
Records are written on Mongolian, Manchu, Russian and Tibetan. Most of those records are official letters, others are Sutras and Books. Majority of records are written on papyrus and cotton.    
The historical records contains information about Mongolians and mongolian History in a period of XVII and and beginning of XX century. For example there preserve records about outbreak of mongolians against manchu pressure /Army outbreaks headed by Khotgoid’s Chingunjav, Uuld’s Amarsanaa, Soldier Onolt etc. /, people’s lifestyle, culture, custom, relision and farming. Also there preserve records related to Khuree /Capital City/ and temporary Government, deportation of Manchu khan from the country, and law records from Manchu period.  
In our fund preserve valuable historical records such as Batmunkh Dayan Khan’s Pedigree, Khalkha aimag’s khan Sholoi Setsen’s Family Pedigree in which shown his over 12000 son’s  of 11 generations /The Pedigree is written on 25 meters of white cotton/, Manchu Khan’s Orders, ancient seals and stamps inscribed by bronze instead of Gold, and Tarvachenbo Sutra which is written as a symbol of 9 kind of treasure.       

Two. Fund of Records on Mongolian History during Bogdha Khan Dynasty

In this Fund preserve records related Mongolian History during Bogdha khan Dynasty during 1911- 1921 and there is tottaly 28 013 files 237 record groups.

The holding consisits from parliamanet records, ministries, minister’s representative agencies, Khalkha’s 4 aimags, and its small units like khoshuu, religous organizations, and urtuu haruul
Most records are written in mongolian,chinese and russian and most of them are records from Ministries, official letters by provincial governors, rest of them are books. Majority of them are made on papyrus and minority of them are created on a cotton.  
The records of this period contain information about Mongolian independence regeneration. For example there are records about Mongolian policy on its Independence and the State Independence declaration notes sent to England, France, and Japan, trilateral agreement called “Khiagta’s agreement”  signed in 1915, records about friendly cooperation with Russia, created by Mongolian Political Leader Sain Noyon Khan Namnansuren, and Chin Van Khanddorj, and sent to Russia, Bogdha Khan’s order about asking help from Russia, and law records during Bogdha Khan’s Dynasty.

Three. During People’s Republic and period after 1921

Holdings of this period consists from Administration agencies of the People’s Republic, Court and prosecution, state owned agencies, Public organizations, territorial unit administration agencies during 1921- 1931, also records related leading people’s of society, politics, culture, and science. 
Nowadays in this fund preserve about 320 000 files of 579 funds and records till 1947 are written on mongolian traditional letter, records after this period are written on cirillic. 

Records of this period are written on Mongolian, Russian, Chinese, English, Japanese, and Russian and most of them are created on a paper rest of them are created on a papyrus.
The Fund permanently acquire by records of government and stae owned agencies, and records related to a leading people’s life and activities of society, politics, and science.