Audio Visual and Photo Records Fund

In a fund of the Center for Audio Visual and Photo Records Preserve 9855 files of 1009 titled movies,  6925 files of 22 titled feature films since 1936-2002, 4481 files of 990 titled movie news journal and international movie’s original copy since 1945- 2005, 597 files of  44 titled privately originated feature films since 1992- 2005, 342 files of photo albums since 1920- 2003, 56832 files of photography since 1920- 2007, and 503 files of 5030000 meter magnetic visual films which are acquired from the Mongolian Radio’s Golden Fund. 
Fund creating organizations:
1.    State Great Hural
2.    General Archival Authority
3.    Montsame agency
4.    Mongol movie cooperative
5.    Assosiation for cultural artists
Here preserve photo films, audio and video tapes related to the history and culture of Mongolia.