About Personal Funds which preserve at the National Central Archive

The National Central Archive of Mongolia permanently acquire its Fund by personal records related to  historical, political, cultural, sport’s popular people’s life, and work.    
We receive personal records by own archival initiative of with discussion of popular person’s family members, friends and colleagues and organize works like record arrangement, registration and preservation. 
The State archive acquire records according to a gift and testament guideline, create a fund with classification of personal, family and ancestral. Records are like related to a popular people’s life history, work, elected duty, creation, letter, collection and family.    
The State archival personal fund usage type is open and half open under owners permission and according to record receiving contract.  
Currently at the Fund of the National Central Archive preserve over 300 personal records which are related to a popular people of society, culture, science, and literature. 20 of those records are independent personal fund.   
Those are:
1.    Sukhbaatar. D                  1912-1925         /Document photo copy/   
2.    Sambuu. J                       1935-1944        
3.    Choibalsan. Kh                  1912-1959
4.    Tserendorj.B                     1911-1928
5.    Khatanbaatar Magsarjav      1912-1926
6.    Buyannemekh. S               1927
7.    Jamiyan. O                       1921-1931
8.    Tseveen. J                        1909-1932
9.    Renchin. B                       1923-2009
10.    Natagdorj. D                   1930
11.    Amar. A                          1922-1937
12.    Perlee. Kh                       1928-1987
13.     Tseveendorj. D               1971-2006
14.    Luvsansharav. D               1926-2011
15.    Dashvaanchig. D              1952-2008
16.    Tseden- Ish. B                 1932-2008
17.    Kotvich. V. L                    1894-2009     /Document copy/
18.    Purevdorj. D                    1933-2010
19.    Ishjamts. N                      1928-2010
20.    Shagdarsuren.M                1954-2011