Reading room

Audio Visual Record’s Center Reading Room
Audio visual record’s center is only specialized organization which preserves and protects Mongolian cultural valuable movie, and photo heritage, and historical people’s voice records and hand those records down to the next generation, make available for research use, acquire its fund with valuable and most valuable records, supply social needs with archival information,  and make a technique and technological renovation.        
Architectural Records Center Reading Room 
The Center provide service with records of architectural, construction drawings, records of engineering and geological research materials, construction work budget and approval acts by the State Commission.
Mongolian People’s Party’s Reading Room
At the Fund of the Center preserve rich historical materials related to Party’s History: beginning from a secret letter between few revolutionaries to establishment of the Party. 
Historical Records Center’s Reading Room
The center operates in charge of preserving, protecting, registration and use of records which are created during Bogdha Khan Dynasty. Also acquire the fund with records with scientific, historical, political, economical and cultural significance, created by the Government and non government organizations, after the People’s revolution /Since 1921/ and make available for research use. 
The National Central Archives Reading Rooms
The reading room is open for all Scientists, researchers, students and foreign and domestic citizens and can make historical records research work.  
The National Central Archive has 4 reading rooms which have 375.9 m2 space.
For taking a permission to make research at out Reading Room Researchers and scientists need to have request letter from an employer, students need to have an official letter about students’ practical work, and citizens need to have his own request letter.