National Central Archive is the organization which has rights and duty to permanently preserve and use all kind of documents related to the history of Mongolia and Mongolian Nation. General Archival Authority will implement following function according to Article No.15 of Law on  Archives:
1.    to collect records with historical and scientifically significance, and to make a selection, appraisal 
2.    to acquire the fund 
3.    to preserve archival materials in a special archival custody
4.    to restore and renovate archival documents
5.    to make a preservation and protection copy of valuable and most valuable documents 
6.    to classify documents that are acquired in archive and to create an archival fund  
7.    registration management of archival documents 
8.    to create a reference and information fund that shows a contents and compositions of archival documents
9.    to research, advertise and publish archival documents 
10.    to make archival materials available for use by public
11.    to provide professional assistance to record creating organizations, to take a control on an implementation of Legal Acts on Archives 
12.    to transfer archival records into electronic form and preserve them