Training center

The training center was established in 2001 and main goal is to improve knowledge and education of archive, document drafting workers and to make skilled and it is capable to receive, educate 40-50 people in one time.  As for first half year of 2011, the training center organized training total 74 times and educated 2717 people and issued “Professional certificate”, “Confirmation”.
The training center   organizes following type of training. It includes:
1.    Training to issue profession of document drafting, archive
2.    Specialize training
3.    Specialize training by certain  direction like archival completion, examination, keeping, safety, to transfer archival document to numeral form   
4.    Requested training by request of governmental and non-governmental organizations
Moreover the training center organizing classified training for workers of document drafting, archival workers of organization, state archival workers and practice trainee in National central archive and some organizations of archive.