Professional & Methodical Assistance

Currently to our organization facing issues to transfer modern information technology advantages in connection with today’s  new technological use in all social spheres and develop professional, methodical acts corresponding with international standards.
In frame work of above mentioned goal we are making research work  and sharing experience with highly developed archival organizations of the world and developing related professional methodical documents according to international standards requirements. Also we are providing archive and records management methodical consulting to other organizations.
Updated professional and methodical acts:
1.    Guideline for Creating a construction and technical drawing records file 
2.    Guideline for preparing the State archival major operation report and its evaluation
3.    Guideline for document value evaluation, registration, and access /2003/
4.    List of administrational documents which has for permanent preservation retention period /2003/
5.    Major Guideline for the State Archival Operation /2003/
6.    Guideline for arranging science and technical records /2003/
7.    Labor Norm for Archivists and Record Managers 2004
8.    Guideline for making protection copy of archival records /2004/
9.    List of science and technical records which have permanent preservation retention schedule /2005/
10.    Guideline for the State archival organizations’ operation approval /2005/
11.    Major Guideline for Organizational Archives Operation /2007/
12.    Order for the State Archival Service Payment /2007/
13.    Major Guideline for Organizational Archives Operation /2007/
14.    MNS ISO 15489, Information and Documentation. Mongolian Archive and Records Management Standard. /2007/
15.    Retention Schedule for Administration Records /2008/
16.    Major Guideline for the Records Management /2009/
17.    Order for organizing Science and Methodical Commission under the General Archival Authority /2009/
18.    22
19.    Guideline for Restoration of Paper based Documents /2010/
20.    Document Standard /2011/
21.    Guideline for transferring paper based documents into digital form /2011/