General Authority for Archive performs examination within state archive, governmental and non-governmental organizations, private entities by the purpose to examine implementation of law act related to law regarding to Archive of Mongolia, to eliminate violation, to give professional advice, to determine direction of provision to take in the further.

The examination organizes according to certain plan, schedule, guidance and Law regarding to archive, law regarding to state examination, law regarding to administrative responsibility, law regarding to state official language and document standard, “General act of state document drafting”, “General act of state archive work”, “General act of organizational archive work”, “State control rule of archive, document drafting” which is proved by Order No. 164 of 1999 by Government, “Examination act of archive, document drafting” which is proved by Order No. 69 of 2008 by Head of General Authority for Archive
Examination performs by 3 main direction such as state archive, organizational archive, document drafting.
It organizes state examination of archive, document drafting within state one time in 4 years besides performs examination choosing certain organization and archive in each year 

State examination of work arrangement of state organizations, archive, document drafting  /2004, 2009/
State examination of state archives /2005, 2010/

Examination schedule of 2011