1921. People’s Government decided to search archival document, source, books and treatises, unique historical treatise related to history of Mongolia all over the country, to centralize them in capital and to put under control.

1927. Put foundation of National central

1948. Put foundation of General Authority for Archive

1958. Founded local state archives and some special archives

1960. Founded central, diversified, departmental archives

1991. General Authority for Archive became “A” category member in International Council of Archive /ICA/

1993. General Authority for Archive became member of East Asian Branch of International Council of Archive 

1994. Mongolian president approved “General direction to reform in archival field”

1996. General Authority of Archive became Implementing Agency of Mongolian Government. 

1998. Proved law regarding to archive.

2001 . General Authority for Archive became member of Euro-Asian Branch of International Council /EURASICA/ of Archive of International Council of Archive. 

2005. Fact center of film, photograph, sound record of National central archive became member of International Archive of Film 

2006 – Proved National program to spread information technology in activity of state archive, document drafting

2007 – Mongolian Government decided  to build complex place of National central archive .