Central Commission for Record Appraisel

Central Commission to Examine Document was established with 11 workers under General Authority for Archive by Order No.36 of 2006 by Director of the General Department of Archive by the purpose to improve treasury of Mongolian National archive, its document content and constitution.
CCED assembles with majority attendance and decides issues plurality not less than one time in a season according to verified plan.
Decisive issues to discuss in meeting of CCED:
1.    To discuss, verify main and possible source list of state archival completion
2.    To discuss, verify list project of document keeping period of the field and comprehensive list of document keeping period 
3.    To discuss, verify inventory list of valuable document which is detected from state archive  storehouse
4.    To put under control in activity of all steps commission to examine document and to grant  methodical assistance
5.    To examine document’s expense and to discuss, verify methodical document project related to make complete state archive
Requirement to discuss issues in meeting of CCED:
-    To work out and perform document project to discuss in the meeting according to appropriate guidance and rules
-    To bring up for discussion by meeting of Archive Advisory Council to Examine Document within Commission to Examine document of the organization  and state archive
-    To carry out 3 copy of document project to discuss in meeting and to send officially with meeting protocol and introduction to Professional and Method Department of General Authority of Archive before 10 days of meeting.